Fast Coints for Grand Chase

Tired of hunting Heroic Coins in S.O.R..?
Then do this...

This is the schedule of S.O.R. Cycle.
There are 16 Cycles per day.
Just follow my instructions and you can have many coins.

1. Body.exe (Ask yourself where it it.)
2. Brain.exe (Ask yourself where it it.)
3. Common_sense.dll (Ask yourself where it it.)
4. Computer w/ Internet Connection
5. Grand Chase Application
6. Friend ( Optional )

1. Open your Grand Chase Application.
2. Play.
3. If you will attend all the Cycles of S.O.R.., fail the 1st 14 Cycles.
4. Clear the remaining 2 Cycles in S.O.R..
5. Now, you earned 3 and a 2/5 coins.



Happy Hunting!

The instructions is for the 16 Cycles.
Fail means to kill yourself in the 1st stage.

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